No worries, we’ll make sure you’re the most confident student in the room when taking your Utah State licensing exam. Our curriculum meets all the requirements for licensure under the guidelines for the state of Utah, but it’s the way we teach it that sets us apart. On the first day you’ll feel the Elayne and Co. difference, and realize that you’ve just started on a 300 hour journey of building a solid foundation that will support you for years to come.

From our unique approach on the salon floor that builds an unshakable confidence, to the nail art program that is designed to set the building blocks to achieving miniature masterpieces – we’ve thought of it all. It’s one thing to “get your hours” and pass a test, and a completely different thing to launch a career that meets your financial and lifestyle goals.

Beyond helping you master the art and craft of nail artistry, we foster a spirit of entrepreneurship through a 5-step curriculum exclusive to our academy. We’ll guide you on how to position yourself within the market to attract your ideal client, virtually eliminate your competition, and set yourself up for longterm success.

Book a tour so we can tell you more about our alumni program that really sets a new standard. Learning abroad, monthly alumni nights and more are all in the plan. Once you’re a part of the the Elayne and Co. Team, you always are.

Click here for a detailed description of the 300 hour nail technology program.

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