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100% nails exclusive program

At Elayne and Co., we have set out to raise the standard for nail eduction in the state of Utah.  From our beautiful campus to the nail exclusive curriculum and the unique way we teach it – we’ve thought of every detail.  Our focus is 100% on the nail industry and your success within it.

We look at the big picture

It’s one thing to pass your state boards (you will – with flying colors) and quite another to build a successful and thriving career that supports your financial and lifestyle goals.  We’ve designed our program to help you build a solid foundation not only in the practical sense, but through courses that focus on your “big picture”.  Business development, finding your place within the market, building and retaining your clientele are fundamentals you will learn to set you apart as a leader in the industry.

Our Culture

We believe being a part of something bigger than ourselves and having a culture to facilitate that is essential for our success.  We’re on a mission to elevate the industry as a whole and that starts with our future professionals. We do that by not only being an example of what’s possible but by creating an enviroment that holds space for your big dreams, and surround you with successful industry professionals that encourage you to think bigger. 

We heart our alumni

Through monthly alumni nights, yearly “field trips” and an online platform we hope to foster a community of professionals that support and lift each other up.  Once you’re part of the Elayne and Co. Family, you always are. 


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